Sunday, July 31, 2011

Red Sox Fail to Make a Big Trade

The trade deadline just passed a few minutes ago and the Red Sox failed to make a big trade.  Management has noticed the lack of offense at the Right Field position, and our pitchers have been plagued with injuries.  Hunter Pence would have been perfect in Right, and they would have commanded his contract for a couple of years past this season and Harden could have possibly helped the injury riddled rotation.  With all of that said, I am still very happy with the lineup and our chances to go deep into the playoffs.

Just a few months ago I was ready to give up on our chances this season and they really turned it around.  They went from worst to first in the blink of an eye and that lead is bound to grow.  Adrian Gonzalez has been the MVP so far this season and Carl Crawford has not disappointed either.  With all of the injuries to the starting lineup, the pitching has not been bad.  Miller, who is pitching today, has been a nice surprise with a 4-1 record before today's game and Josh Beckett has been beyond amazing.  If John Lackey can keep up his recent success the Red Sox have a good chance to win the World Series. 

Overall, it is a good thing that the Sox did not give away the farm in order to gain a rental that might not make a difference as to whether or not they are successful this season.  With what they have right now they should be good for years to come, especially if they can bring up some good prospects to replace players when they get hurt.  At this point it is unclear as to whether or not the Red Sox have traded for former Oriole Erik Bedard, so stay posted for updates on that.

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