Sunday, May 1, 2011

Celtics Loss is a Tough One to Take

The Celtics loss earlier today was a tough one to watch.  They were down by a large margin early in the game, and every time they seemed to be coming back, there would be a foul or other call that seemed to get them down.  Paul Pierce had two technicals called on him and ended up being ejected from the game.  The second tech seemed like the referees were out to get him, and really shouldn't have been called a tech.  All throughout the game there were some very questionable calls against the Celtics, and some questionable non-calls for the Heat.  My dad came up with the nickname "Bubble Boy" for Lebron years ago because it seems that you can't come within two feet of him or a foul will be called, and that "Bubble Boy" status seems to have spread to all of the Miami Heat.

The NBA really needs to rescind the technical called on Paul Pierce (shown in the video above) and formally apologize to Pierce and the Celtics for the call.  The pick was one that should not have even been called a foul as he seemed to have his feet planted, and his appeal to the referee wasn't nearly as flamboyant as you see from players like Lebron, Kobe, or Dwight Howard on a regular basis.  The flagrant foul called on Jermaine O'Neil was completely absurd, and it is questionable whether or not it should have been called a foul.  Overall, the referees kept the Celtics from making any type of comeback and should be ashamed of themselves.  The NBA should investigate whether or not they were paid off, or if they had some type of financial interest in the Heat winning.  The Tim Donaghy scandal isn't a lone incident in referees making calls to throw a game, and the NBA needs to investigate any referee that makes as many bad calls as were made today.


  1. I know James Jones’ absurd number of open looks contributed to the Heat win, but is there any doubt about who is Miami’s most important player? When Wade plays well and is the focal point of the offense, the Heat are probably unbeatable.

  2. James Jones did have too many open shots, but I didn't even mention Dwayne Wade's name.