Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Game 7 Tonight: Bruins vs. Canadiens

Bruins vs. Canadiens: easily the best rivalry in hockey.  This season has seen its fair share of fights and penalties, and it has been great for hockey to see them play each other in the first round.  The fact that this series is going to game 7 must have NHL executives jumping for joy.  So far, this series has been just as expected:  brutal.  Both teams have had a lot to prove, as the Bruins are trying to prove that they are better than Montreal even though the Canadiens had won the season series.  The Canadiens were blown out by the Bruins in their final game of the season series, and they are trying to get revenge for the injury to Max Pacioretty who was injured following a check by Zdeno Chara.

It is obvious that these two teams hate each other, and this series has shown that.  Last night the Bruins were killed on the power play as Montreal scored both of their goals in power play situations.  Boston has to be more composed and hold in their hatred in order to keep all five men on the ice throughout the game.  They can't get into their heads that they have home ice advantage because that hasn't mattered in this series so far.  It seems that both teams are just as motivated by the "Boo's" as they are for their fans cheering for them.  If the Bruins go on to win tonight, it will be because they had fewer penalty minutes than Montreal, and it wouldn't be surprising if this game goes to overtime.

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