Friday, April 8, 2011

"Manny Being Manny"

Today, the MLB gave notice to Manny Ramirez that there was an issue with him under the leagues drug policy.  They did not specify what the issue was, but rather than having to go through with the consequences, he has retired from the sport.  This is surprising after the obvious hard work he put in during the off-season to get back in shape.  He was featured earlier in the spring on ESPN for his workout, and they showed him working with his trainer and he looked like the Manny of old.  His trainer was praising his work ethic, and it looked like he would be a key player for the Tampa Bay Rays this season.

I don't know all of the facts, but I would imagine that he tested positive for some performance enhancing drug, or possibly a hormone used in conjunction with a PED.  Last season, he was suspended for testing positive for a female hormone that is taken with performance enhancing drugs, and he as been on a downward spiral since.  He was basically useless for LA when he got back from his suspension, and was useless for the White Sox after he was traded mid-season.  He just looked out of shape, and like he could care less about baseball.  I thought things were looking better for this year, but he must have realized that he can't be a good enough player without some extra help.

Other Headlines:

-Red Sox win their first game of the season in their home opener against the Yankees!
-Celtics lose to the Bulls and are all but out of the running for first place in the East.
-Bruins are two games out of 2nd place in the East with two games left.

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