Monday, April 25, 2011

Celtics Sweep Beat My Expectations

Yesterday, the Celtics completed their four game sweep over the Knicks, and even I didn't see that coming.  I felt that they would win the series in five or six games, but the sweep raised my expectations for the Celtics playoff run.  Some say that the series was made easier because of Chauncey Billups' injury and that the C's would have had a more difficult time without that injury.  I agree that the Knicks are better with Billups, but Amare and Carmelo are the stars of that team, and they are the two that determine whether they win or not.  With the sweep, the C's get some much needed rest before their next series, and they get more time to study and develop a gameplan for their next opponent, which is likely to be the Heat.

The Knicks are a much more difficult opponent than the 76ers, who the Heat are playing, and the C's have had an easier time winning the series than the Heat have.  The Celtics won all but one game against the Heat this season, and that one loss was during a long slump.  Lebron has had a hard time beating the Celtics in the playoffs, and I predict that the Celtics win the next series, assuming it is the Heat, in six games.  They should face the Bulls in the Eastern Conference Championship, and this will be their most difficult match-up they will face in the playoffs.  It isn't guaranteed that the Bulls will make it to the conference finals, especially if Derek Rose's injury slows him down enough.  If they play the Bulls and Rose is healthy, the series should go to seven games, but if they play the Hawks or Magic, the C's should win in 5 or 6.  Either way, I'm excited to see what the Celtics can do, and I'm hoping for another banner.

Other Headlines:

-Bruins have won three straight to lead the series against Montreal 3-2.
-Red Sox complete their four game sweep of the Angels, and have won 5 of 6 on this West Coast roadtrip.
-Patriots gear up for the draft, which starts on Thursday.

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