Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What do these blockbuster trades mean for the Celtics?

It is rare to see two huge trades like we have seen in the past couple of days in the NBA.  Carmelo Anthony going to the Knicks and Deron Williams going to the Nets certainly will make the Eastern Conference more difficult to win.  The Deron Williams trade won't mean much to the Nets this season as they do not look like much of a playoff team even with him, but it will open up the door for them to make some big signings and trades during the off season.  The Knicks do look like a playoff contender with the addition of 'Melo, and should be able to make it to the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

I don't see this as a reason for the Celtics or their fans to panic.  We saw the Miami Heat get off to a slow start at the beginning of the season as their three superstars learned how to play together.  Even though Dwayne Wade didn't play in the preseason, they still had more time to mesh their personal playing styles than 'Melo and Amare Stoudemire will get with the trade taking place right in the middle of the season.  They have also fallen into the same trap that has made Miami weak against elite teams in the NBA as they have lost their depth.  This season, the Celtics shouldn't be affected by these trades, but it will make it much more difficult for them in the years to come.

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