Monday, February 28, 2011

Kevin Durant: My Favorite Non-Celtic

I am starting a new Monday tradition.  I will talk about a non-Boston area sports topic.

There are a lot of superstars in the NBA today, but Kevin Durant's name does not come up a lot in the "Who's the best" conversation a lot.  Players like Kobe, Lebron, and Carmelo are always in the conversation, even though Durant is just as good.  He is not the most flashy player in the league, but he is one of the best three players right now.  I love the way he plays the game.  When he makes a big basket, he doesn't make a big show out of it, he just gets back on defense.  When he thinks he got fouled, he doesn't look for the closest referee to cry to.

I love basketball, but the way some players act while playing is almost enough to make me stop watching the game all together.  Watching a player yell at the top of his lungs when he goes up for a layup because he wants the refs to call a foul, or watching somebody flop is not the way the game should be played.  Seeing somebody so wrapped up in the fact that they hit a routine jump shot and failing to get back on defense makes me sick.  Of all of the top four or five superstars, Kevin Durant seems to be the most grounded and the best team player.  Players like him make me love to watch basketball, and I hope that he will set the model of how superstars should act.

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