Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bruins are streaking!

Right now, the Boston Bruins have won 5 games in a row.  With the playoffs coming up, right now it the best time for them to click.  Last year, they really disappointed fans in the playoffs against Philadelphia, and I want to see what the chances are that they do that again.  Right now, they are only three wins shy of their total wins from last year, even though there are twenty games left on their schedule.  Last year, their point differential was +6 for the season, and as of right now it is +46, best in the Eastern Conference.  They are currently in third in the conference, only 7 points back from first place.

Things are looking really good for them right now, but how will they do in the playoffs?  If we compare their stats to last year, it is obvious that they are better than they were last year.  I felt that they got lucky making it as far as they did last postseason, but after being up three games to none, I strongly believed that they would play for the Stanley Cup.  They might not make it as far off of luck this year, but I think they can make it as far or further because of skill.  The combination of Tim Thomas and Tuucca Rask has only let in 2.3 goal per game, which is 2nd in the NHL.  Their offense has averaged 3.1 goals per game, which is 5th in the NHL.  In both offense and defense, they are better than last year, and this will add up to better success in the playoffs.  If they make it to the Stanley Cup Finals, it will be because of their skill, not their luck.

*All stats were gathered on ESPN.com

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