Monday, March 14, 2011

Kevin Love: Get Out of Dodge

Kevin Love's NBA record of 53 straight double-doubles came to an end yesterday against the Golden State Warriors.  Even as he was approaching Moses Malone's record of 51 straight double-doubles, he barely was able to play in the All-Star game.  He was not voted in, and the only reason he was able to play was because Commissioner David Stern invited him to take Yao Ming's spot.

A record like this is much more impressive than it was in Moses Malone's day because the league is more focused on defense now than it ever has been.  Players used to have much higher scoring totals than they do today, and there has never been as much talent spread through the league.  Having a player like Love who has proven to be both consistent and dominant is something that is highly coveted, and that is why he needs to get out of Dodge.

Minnesota is not a good place for anybody to play basketball, and I hope Love will test free agency before he ever signs an extension.  It seems to me that the leadership of the organization could care less about winning, and Love's career will likely be over before they have a winning season.  The fans don't even care enough about their best player to rally up enough votes for him to be a voted in All-Star.  He will have a very bright future if he goes to a team that cares, and he could turn a team that is fighting to make the playoffs into a title contender.

Other Headlines:

-Celtics set team record for fewest points allowed as they beat the Bucks 87-56.
-NCAA Brackets are all set:  Pitt, Duke, Ohio State, and Kansas earn top seeds.
-Delonte West is set to return to Celtics on Wednesday vs. Pacers.

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