Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adrian Gonzalez is Ready to Play!

For years now, the Red Sox have wanted to get Adrian Gonzalez on their team.  They finally signed him this off-season, and today he is making his first appearance of the spring.  I can't wait to see what he can bring to the team, and I know I'm not alone.  He just seemed destined to be on the Sox, and he seems like a perfect fit.  Gonzalez is one of the best players that hasn't been talked about over the past few years because he was on a small-market team in San Diego.  He's so good that he could easily contend for MVP of the American League this season.

Fans that don't know much about Adrian Gonzalez are probably concerned about moving Kevin Youkilis back to third base since he was such a great fielder at first.  Gonzalez is a gold-glove winning first baseman, so there is no reason for concern there.  He's a left handed batter, which the Red Sox needed, and he can hit for power to all areas of the field.  Fenway Park should be a great place for him to hit, since he can easily hit for power to right field, and the Green Monster will work in his advantage in left field.  He's always been a 30 HR 100 RBI threat during his time in San Diego, and now that he's at Fenway I wouldn't be suprised if he's a threat for 45 HR's and 130 RBI's.  With numbers like this, he will be a key part of the Red Sox success this season.

Other Headlines:

-NFL Players Union decertified, and a lockout began at midnight last night.  Tom Brady and other players are to file suit to prevent the lockout.
-Celtics lose their second straight game and are only .5 game ahead of Chicago.
-Bruins lose fourth straight game, but remain only five points out of first place in the East.

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