Friday, March 11, 2011

Red Sox Storylines

Spring Training is rolling along, and in a couple of weeks the regular season will be here.  Red Sox fans have a lot to look forward to this season, and this Spring Training has been a good introduction to what fans might see.  Daisuke Matsuzaka so far has been exactly what Red Sox fans have come to expect: unreliable and unimpressive.  I know that he has been "experimenting" with some new pitches, but having an ERA over 11 is not a good way to get ready for the season.  Luckily the Red Sox other starting pitchers have been exceptional.  Josh Beckett has looked good even after the scare when he got hit in the head while throwing in the outfield.  He has the tendency to be great every other year and this year should be one of those years.  Clay Buchholz  might be the most impressive Red Sox pitcher so far having nine innings pitched without giving up a run.  The way things look, the Red Sox might have a few pitchers in the Cy Young running.

The new additions seem to be working out for the Sox so far.  Adrian Gonzalez still hasn't seen any action, but his rehab is looking good and he should be ready for opening day.  Carl Crawford seems to be excited to be on the team and should really improve the defense in the outfield and their base-running.  He is one of the most dynamic players in baseball today with his combination of power and speed.  If the Red Sox are going to contend for a title this year, he will be one of the main reasons.  Bobby Jenks hasn't given up a run in three innings and will prove to be a good addition to a bullpen that has been lacking in recent years.

All in all, the Red Sox look great so far and should win the AL East and be serious contenders for a World Series title.  It is too early to really predict the outcome of the season, but fans should be ready for an entertaining season.

Other Headlines:
-Matsuzaka and Okajima say their families are okay after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan.
-Police say that Brandon Merriweather was present at the time of the Florida shooting.
-UConn will play Syracuse in a rematch of the 6-overtime game from March of 2009
-NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement is set to expire tonight, no word yet of an agreement or extension.

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