Monday, March 7, 2011

Miami Heat are Cooling Down

Check out my first podcast about Miami's struggles!  Leave some comments to let me know how I'm doing or if you want me to talk about anything in particular.


  1. Nice Podcast man! I've been following your blogs, and they are quite good. Your very knowledgeable on the subject of Boston Sports.

    I have but 1 suggestion Steve. This was a good podcast, but (speaking for myself) when i subscribe or listen to a sports podcast, i want more information. More specifically, I want to hear about several subjects at once, not one. This was interesting to hear about the Heat losing, and the locker room after, etc...I want to know even more. Is it the young coach? The "superstar clash", etc...

    I know Mondays you don't talk about Boston sports, and I like the change in your lineup. Its informative for the "Boston Junkie" To hear about other teams outside of their own. Maybe on podcasts like these (monday podcasts that is) Add a little summary of some sort. Much like sports center where they do the 10 seconds per subject kind of thing. A quick tid bit as to what else is going on in the league.

    Just a thought. All constructive, and i dont have a bad thing to say about this whole set up and what your doing. I've been following for some time now (right around when you started) and you do a great job my man! Keep it up!

  2. Good job Steve! I liked the podcast though Ryan suggestions are really good. What about adding some pics? A little color will make your Blog more fun.