Wednesday, March 9, 2011

NFL Labor Talks: I'm Sick of It

For months now, the NFL labor talks and talk about a lockout has dominated the sports world.  I understand that there is a lot of money on the table and that both the owners and the players want to split it up as fairly as possible, but in these difficult times for our country I don't like hearing millionaires and billionaires arguing about money.  Today, when the average American is worrying about how they can pay their bills, the NFL is making record profits and they can't agree on how to split it up.

I have an idea....

I know that this would never happen, but why don't they give back to the people that have supported them for over fifty years.  Citizens are worried about their jobs, gas prices are going up, and having the luxury to buy tickets to sporting events is something that is slipping away from the lower middle class.  Wouldn't it be great for public relations if they decided to take that 9 Billion dollars that they are fighting over to lower ticket prices?  I know that this is unrealistic, but it would be a great way for the NFL to gain back some respect that they have lost in my eyes.

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