Thursday, March 3, 2011

Dustin Pedroia Looks Like a "Moron"

Today the "Baseball Tonight" crew from ESPN was at the Red Sox Spring Training facility, and they had an interview with Terry Francona and Dustin Pedroia.  They talked about the upcoming season and Dustin's injury problems from last year, but the highlight of the interview was when Dustin revealed his new haircut.  He called it the "convertible haircut" because the "top is always down".  It looked funny, but when coach Terry Francona said that he looked like a moron I couldn't stop laughing.  Not only were they laughing about the haircut, but Dustin Pedroia was joking around with Carl Ravech telling him that he would beat him up.

Everybody that knows me can tell you that my favorite team of all time is the 2004 Red Sox.  Not only did they win the first World Series for Boston in 86 years, but they were entertaining.  Nobody took themselves too seriously, and they were always laughing and joking around.  These self-proclaimed "idiots" were a great team, and I think it was the humor that brought them together.  Seeing how the Red Sox are so loose and joking around is getting me really excited for the season.  It should be a great one, and I hope it ends with another World Series win.

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