Sunday, March 13, 2011

UConn is Dancing!

What comes to mind when you think about this year's UConn men's basketball team?  Is it Roscoe Smith's full court shot with 11 seconds left against Texas that has dominated ESPN's "Not Top 10"?  Is it the violations and lying by Jim Calhoun that will lead to him being suspended for a portion of next year?  Maybe it's the fact that they won the Big East tournament even though they only have one really good player in Kemba Walker.  The Big East is the best conference in the country, and UConn really surprised a lot of people by beating #1 seed Pitt, #4 seed Syracuse, and #3 seed Louisville in three straight days to win the tournament.

This team's success has been a mystery to me all year long as it always seems that they are worse than their rankings suggest.  Other than their rebounding, there stats are average or worse and they went 9-9 within their conference.  All season I thought they were the most overrated team in college basketball, but after their big wins in the Big East tournament they changed my mind.  I think they will do well in the NCAA tournament, and if they do it will be all thanks to Kemba Walker.  Like I said before, he is the only really good player on the team, and in my opinion he deserves to be NCAA player of the year.  Without him, UConn would not have been ranked in the top 25 all season, and they certainly would not have won the Big East.

Congratulations to UConn.  I hope you do a good job representing New England in the NCAA tournament.  Now let's take a look at Roscoe Smith's "Not Top 10" shot.

Other Headlines:

-Boston University wins America East title and will play in the NCAA tournament.
-Jacoby Ellsbury goes 3 for 3 with two doubles and a home run as the Red Sox beat the Marlins 9-2.
-Dice-K is reportedly on the trading block.

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