Friday, March 18, 2011

Boston's Top 5 Sports Villians of Today

In every sport there are great rivalries.  Boston seems to have more heated rivalries than most other cities, and with those rivalries come villians.  These villians are the people that we love to boo, whether it is because they have disrespected our teams, have overly flamboyant attitudes, or continuously pose a threat to our teams.  We just don't like these people, so here is a tribute to adamant fans everywhere.

#5:  Kobe Bryant:  Kobe isn't a villian because of anything he has done to disrespect Boston, but lately the Celtics/Lakers rivalry has heated up, and Kobe is right in the middle of it.  Two of the past three years Boston and LA have played each other in the NBA Finals, and both times they went to seven games.  Boston took game seven three years ago and LA took it last year.  Kobe is the only member of the team that cannot be replaced, and he is the reason for their recent success.  He might end up being called the greatest Laker in team history, and that alone makes him an enemy of Boston.  These are all good reasons to include him on our list and I haven't even mentioned his alleged rape incident in Denver a few years back.

#4:  Derek Jeter:  The Red Sox/Yankees rivalry is the greatest and longest standing rivalry in all of sports.  It always seems to be these two teams battling it out for the AL East crown, and for fifteen years or so Derek Jeter has been a thorn in the Red Sox side.  If I weren't a Boston fan, there wouldn't be much of a reason to hate him.  He stays away from scandal, and he plays hard.  He deserves to be the Yankees team captain.  The reason he is on the list is because he is just good.  Up until 2004, the Yankees were the reason for the Red Sox not winning any World Series titles since 1918.  He has been the face of the franchise for years, and because of that he has had to endure some nasty chants from the Fenway Faithful.

#3:  Rex Ryan:  Rex is a recent addition to the list of hated people in Boston, and it all stems from his personality.  Year after year he guarantees that the Jets will win the Super Bowl, and they always fall short.  The Jets have been better since Rex took over, and they were the team that eliminated the Pats this year in the playoffs.  Every time these two teams play it seems that Rex makes some disrespectful comment about the Pats or Bill Belichick, and he turns the spotlight onto himself instead of the game.  Even if I wasn't a Pats fan I would hate this guy, and in any other city he would rank #1 in a list like this.

#2:  Lebron James:  Lebron has been hated in Boston for many years, but those feelings have intensified since he decided to "take his talents to South Beach" over the summer.  Every year it seems that his team is poised to beat Boston in the playoffs, but they always fall short.  Even so, he always draws a crowd, and in Boston it is because of pure hatred.  Ever since the Heat threw a Championship-like party when James and Bosh signed with them, they seem like they thought they were a lock to make it to the Finals, and this attitude just adds fuel to the fire in Boston.  There might be a day when he gets the better of Boston, but until then just shut up.

#1:  Alex Rodriguez:  I wrote an article called "Top 5 Reasons to Hate A-Rod" back in February, and this guy is the epitome of a villian.  This steroid using cheater has earned his way to the top of his list with incidents like when he slapped the ball out of Bronson Aaroyo's glove to try to be safe at 1st base and yelling "I got it" when running to third base against Toronto to make the third baseman back out of catching a pop-up.  To top it all off, when game four of the 2007 World Series was coming to an end and Boston was just outs away from winning the World Series, he had his agent announce that he would not file for free agency.  This stunt was a desperate attempt to take the spotlight at the worst possible moment.  Congrats A-Rod, we hate you more than anybody else in sports!

Other Headlines:

-Lackey is named second starter in Red Sox rotation.
-Shaq makes trip with Celtics on their three game road trip (maybe he's ready to come back?)
-Bruins lose in OT to the Predators, and Marchand is suspended for 2 games.
-All sports fans should applaud Ichiro for donating nearly $1.25 million to relief efforts in Japan.

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